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Your safety and security are always of the utmost importance. If you feel you need a security team at your beck and call, Hendley Associates has the team you want for your security services. We've created a local team comprised of military veterans and former law enforcement officers, and every member is licensed. When you choose us, you'll meet with a private security consultant to discuss your security needs, and then we'll deploy your discreet and effective team.

Get security from a team founded by a former police officer. Call 346-225-6810 now to speak to a private security consultant.

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Wondering when our team can protect you? We're available whenever you need us. Services including:

  • Secure transportation
  • Secure courier
  • exhaustive security assessments
  • full-time protection personnel
  • real-time protective intelligence
You can turn to us for:

Additionally, we can provide security details for residential properties. With our wide range of executive security services, we can protect you at any time at any location. We also use a family-friendly approach to ensure the comfort of those around you. Contact us now to schedule your security consultation.

Security companies vary dramatically. Most are relatively low-cost guard services where low-skill employees in uniform guard a door or a parking lot. Hendley Associates provides boutique executive protection services. Usually what this looks like is ground transportation, exhaustive security assessments, and full-time security teams at an individual's personal residence.
As opposed to the "bodyguard" image, we blend into the client's environment. High-net-worth and executive clients typically want their security to be mistaken for members of their entourage or business associates so as not to attract undue attention.

Hendley Associates, a Woodlands, Texas-based leader in executive protection, provides safe and efficient travel and living to executives, VIPs, and high-net-worth individuals and their families. Hendley Associates is built from top-to-bottom with industry-leading best-practices to give clients a consistent, professional, customized, and SAFE daily experience...Every time.
Hendley Associates' "flavor" of service within the security world is similar to Tier 1 Special Mission Units within the military; which is to say, we utilize the most intelligent/adaptable/highly capable employees, specialized equipment and tactics, and real-time and advance intelligence services to provide truly customized and deeply thorough security solutions...that usually go unnoticed by the public.

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