Hendley Associates has partnered with executive limo services in the greater Houston area

to provide secure transportation packages.

Tier 1:

Travel with an executive protection agent experienced in security and first aid in your vehicle. Agents provide direction, evasion, and protection not only in an emergency, but more importantly to avoid one.

Tier 2:

Travel with an executive protection agent in your vehicle, and an additional vehicle with an agent or agents following. Tier 2 is the perfect option for the higher-profile passenger who anticipates crowds or fans to gather, allowing him or her to navigate that situation more freely and efficiently.

Tier 3:

Hendley Associates specializes in full, customized executive protection details. Utilizing advance and real-time intelligence, specialized procedures and tactics, and highly experienced and adaptable agents, Hendley Associates will provide a deeply thorough security solution for attendance at an event, weekend away, business travel, or any number of situations.