"Why would I need a 'bodyguard' to be in the lobby / be at my home / drive me around / coordinate travel? I'm not a flashy celebrity!"

This is a question that every executive, estate manager, security director, high-net-worth individual, and corporation asks at some point, and it is based upon the common misconceptions about security. Usually only after an incident occurs, each of these types of clients recognizes that there is liability and duty-of-care that extends far beyond the individual or company they represent. Something as simple as an unwanted person at the office or a small traffic collision can become a gauntlet of litigation, a time-drain, a "scandal", a stock sell-off...

The other misconception is that security looks like the uniformed guard asleep in front of the jewelry store at the mall, or the intimidating "man in black" which may not be the image you want to portray to employees, clients, and neighbors. Our teams are usually presumed by onlookers to be staffers, limo drivers, estate managers, concierge people, guests, or unseen entirely. We are here to enhance, not hinder, your life.

Hendley Associates does this every day, in places throughout the United States and abroad, for clients big and small. We are boutique; we are what you need us to be.