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Ready to Improve Your Security?

When you've decided to boost your security, it's time for security consulting services. Hendley Associates is here to serve and protect you. You'll meet with our security consultant to go over your security detail and prepare for your services. Our thorough consultations address every aspect of security, so both parties can prepare properly.

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What to expect from your consultation

Your initial consultation is an essential part of your security services. During your consultation, you'll go over a variety of details with our security consultant. We'll:

  • Discuss what assets you want to protect
  • Customize your security plan for your needs
  • Prep you and our team for your security detail

Customizing your security services to address your specific needs is important. This allows us to provide the best security possible. For security consulting services, email us today.

Threat Risk Assessment

Hendley Associates' Threat Risk Assessment is an in-depth examination and report that gives you intricate knowledge about areas of security strength and liability of any site, location, home, or office. Establishing this baseline is a great foundation upon which to begin mitigating risk. Organizations use the Threat Risk Assessment not just to address an actual security situation, but also to demonstrate in litigation the organization's efforts to create a safe environment.

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