Hendley Associates is a comprehensive, Texas-Based security company specializing in providing the very best security solutions. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering focus on client safety and experience, Hendley Associates sets the industry standard for top-tier executive protection.

Our team comprises highly trained and experienced professionals, including former law enforcement, military, and security experts. Each member undergoes rigorous vetting and training to ensure they possess the skills necessary to handle any security challenge with precision and discretion. In the realm of executive protection, where ensuring the safety and security of high-profile individuals is paramount, many companies traditionally rely solely on an employee's work history during the candidate vetting process. However, standing out as a best-in-class executive protection company, our approach goes beyond the conventional methods.

We understand that effective security requires a unique blend of hard skills and soft skills. While hard skills like combat training, advanced driving techniques, evasion tactics, and life support proficiency are undeniably crucial, we recognize that success in this field goes far beyond technical expertise, and deeply relies on our Agents’ adaptability and interpersonal skills. Our meticulous vetting process delves into both the hard and soft skills that define a candidate's suitability for the demanding role of executive protection.

At Hendley Associates we understand that service goes beyond physical security. Our comprehensive approach encompasses threat assessment, risk management, and strategic planning tailored to the unique needs of each client. Whether it's high-profile executives, celebrities, or dignitaries, we provide personalized security solutions that prioritize confidentiality, professionalism, and peace of mind.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and intelligence-gathering techniques to stay ahead of potential threats, allowing us to implement proactive measures to ensure the safety of our clients. Our state-of-the-art communication systems and secure transportation options guarantee swift and efficient response times in any situation.

Hendley Associates is not just a security provider; we are a trusted partner dedicated to creating a secure environment for our clients to focus on their priorities without compromise. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction make us the go-to choice for those who demand the very best.

1. Initial Consultation:

The journey begins with an in-depth consultation between the executive protection team and the client. This involves understanding the client's business, values, corporate culture, and specific security concerns. Establishing open communication is crucial to grasp the unique aspects of the organization.

2. Cultural Understanding:

Executives and key personnel within the organization often operate in a specific cultural context. The executive protection team immerses itself in this culture to comprehend the nuances and tailor security measures accordingly. This may involve understanding communication styles, corporate rituals, and the overall ethos of the company.

3. Objective Alignment:

Aligning security objectives with overall organizational goals is paramount. The executive protection company works closely with the client to identify and prioritize security needs that align with the strategic objectives of the organization. This ensures that security measures support, rather than hinder, business operations.

4. Threat Assessment:

Conducting a comprehensive threat assessment is a critical step. This involves identifying potential risks and threats to key individuals, assets, and information. Threats may include physical risks, cyber threats, geopolitical issues, or any other factors that could impact the safety and security of the organization.

5. Baseline Establishment:

Based on the threat assessment, the executive protection team establishes a baseline of security measures. This includes determining the level of protection required, implementing access controls, designing secure transportation plans, and incorporating technology solutions where applicable.

6. Course of Action:

With the baseline in place, the executive protection company collaborates with the client to develop a customized course of action. This involves outlining specific security protocols, emergency response plans, and ongoing monitoring strategies. The goal is to create a proactive security framework that mitigates risks effectively.

7. Integration and Training:

Seamless integration of security measures into daily operations is crucial. The executive protection team works closely with the client's staff to ensure that security protocols become a natural part of the work environment. Training programs may be implemented to educate employees on security awareness and emergency response.

8. Continuous Improvement:

Security is an evolving landscape, and a world-class executive protection company recognizes the need for continuous improvement. Regular reviews, updates to security protocols, and staying abreast of emerging threats are integral to maintaining an effective security posture.

By working closely with clients, understanding their culture and objectives, conducting thorough threat assessments, and establishing tailored security measures, a world-class executive protection company ensures that its services seamlessly integrate into the fabric of the organization, providing comprehensive and effective protection.

Company Overview

Hendley Associates is a leader in executive protection and intelligence services based in The Woodlands, Texas. We offer a wide range of security services to ensure you have an expert, and appropriately scaled, solution for any event, individual, or group. Our standards, protocols, and quality-control measures are based on industry best-practices and aligned with the most premier executive protection organizations in the world. Our team is comprised of leaders across multiple risk management industries, from law enforcement and special operations to foreign and domestic private security. For more information about our solutions, please reach out at your convenience.

Hendley Associates serves numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 organizations and their Executives with "white glove" concierge-style close-protection, secure travel at home and abroad, and embedded corporate and residential personnel. These services are always provided by strictly vetted, experienced, mature, adaptable Agents hand-picked for the client. We seek to blend-in to your culture and routines, enhancing (not hindering) your productivity, efficiency, and safety. WE UNDERSTAND "OPTICS"...We aren't just here for your physical safety, but to protect your reputation as well. Best-in-class personnel, protocol, and real-time intelligence inform our ability to avoid a scene, not create one.

A proven operational leader with a Bachelors in Psychology, 15+ years in law enforcement, and hands-on expertise leading teams in emergency response, protective security, investigations, and community policing activities. He is an expert in the deployment and use of firearms, force tactics, and de-escalation. Recognized throughout his career for employing a thoughtful, high-integrity leadership style that balances accountability standards with the creation of trust, ownership, teamwork, and open dialogue. The style results in people feeling empowered to share creative ideas for solving problems more effectively. This approach has proven to boost morale and enable the proactive, team-based problem solving that prevents issues from reaching crisis stage.

Additional strengths include collaborating effectively with partners such as the FBI, Homeland Security, Secret Service, Attorney General's Office, Prosecutor's Office, various faith-based groups such as the Muslim Association of Puget Sound, and large corporate entities such as Redmond-based Microsoft. He is experienced in the implementation, management, and supervision of intelligence operations, covert surveillance, and intelligence management.

History of promotions, and high-liability/high-visibility assignments serving a community of 60,000 (ranked 5th Best Small City by Money Magazine), serving a diverse business community that includes Microsoft, Nintendo of America, Honeywell, and AeroJet, and experience in the protection and transportation of foreign dignitaries, political figures, and VIP individuals.

Our owner and founder leverages his experience with policy development, supervision, project management, and technology implementation to create and maintain only the highest standards for our clients at Hendley Associates.

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